Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome fellow CHANDRAGIRIYANS. സുസ്വാഗതം

This blog is to provide a common platform for interaction of CHANDRAGIRIYANS. All interested chandragiriyans are welcome to participate in & contribute to this humble venture and to make it a success. As you may be knowing, one can post text, picture &movies (videos) here. One can comment on contributions of others. Obscene and vulgar pieces will not be included. Those will be screened out!

We had our second meet yesterday (13 July 2008) from 1800 hrs to 2200 hrs IST at Trivandrum. There was very good participation. Our dear Dr.P. Venugopal (room# 20, chandragiri) took the initiative & effort to organise it in connection with the visit of our dear Dr.N.S.Vidyaasaagaran.

If what I remember is correct, maiden attempt in this direction was by our K. Rajendran a few years back. Unfortunately that effort did not culminate in a get-together. Several reasons may be there for that, but one of them I feel may be that there was no specific occasion pressing for that. Any how better late than never, is it not?

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