Friday, July 18, 2008

Small Talk

Day before yesterday I listened 2 discussions. Found interesting, so thought will share with you.

Both were near Vellayambalam; 1 at Officer's club & the other at Institution of Eingineer's. @ officers' club it was a monthly meeting of Isro Senior Citizon's Forum (ISCF) & @ IE it was a weekly technical discussion. Both were reasonably attended.

At ISCF, as decided in the previous meeting two fairly detailed preliminary proposals of a project for Old Age Home primaryly for ISRO pensioners were presented. This idea came up in the light of the fact that most of us like the rest of the society are having the problems of lonleyness, lack of care, frequency mismatch, fear of emergencies - especially during night, cooking, cleaning of premises, theaft & similar security matters, washing of dresses so on & so forth. It was felt that if we OLDIES are located in one campus owning one's own premise, we can tackle the problems jointly which will make things simpler as well as more comfortable and affordable.

Locations suggested are in the periphery of Trivandrum city so that campus can be spacious at affordable cost. Common &/or food arrangements, common drawing & dining rooms, Double beded room with attached toilet, common swimming pool, gardens, recreational facilities like TV, internet, magazines & news papers etc.

A cooperative society will be formed & the ISCF's ex-officio representatives in the governing body will have reasonable say in management & policy matters.

I can get more details from the concerned persons if any one is interested.

At IE it was the presentation of the recommentations of an expert committee who studied the water logging problem of Thampanoor & East Fort during rainy season. This is only one in a long list of such reports that were prepared from time to time. The chairman made a detailed presentation abot almost all the canals of Trivandrum and revealed their pathetic condition through a photo presentation.

Their final suggestions are (1) arrange for rain water harvesting at houses (2) arrange daily cleaning of the canal by outsourcing & remunerating them by allowing free hoardings facility.

Respong to (and strongly opposing) a suggestion of holding the rain water temporarily in a proposed tank under the PONNARA SREEDHARAN PARK at thampanoor and pumping it subsequently he said that rain water in-flow is @80 meter-cube per sec from the catchment area and presently the water flows out in 3 hours only. He then added that in order to pump out thatmuch water in 3hrs a pumpset & motor of very huge capacity (he told a figure which I don't remember now) will be required & hence impractical.

I wanted to ask whether they calculated or measured the out flow rate but due to crowding & rushing of reactions and suggestions I decided to ask it after the session. To my question the answer was negative. I felt that this is very important. So based on the information given earlier by him a trial and error effort is made.

It is not complete. SO details can be made available later on only. Meanwhile why dont you also try to arrive at a reasonably accurate estimate of the out flow rate. Please dont say NOT INTERESTED. Have a try. Probably we may be able to show the society why ISRO projects are completed successfully in reasonable time frame at reasonable cost. Please respond presently through comments link seen below. Include your name. I shall move them to main body. If you are interested you &/or more persons can be added as authors of the blog. I expect active participation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome fellow CHANDRAGIRIYANS. സുസ്വാഗതം

This blog is to provide a common platform for interaction of CHANDRAGIRIYANS. All interested chandragiriyans are welcome to participate in & contribute to this humble venture and to make it a success. As you may be knowing, one can post text, picture &movies (videos) here. One can comment on contributions of others. Obscene and vulgar pieces will not be included. Those will be screened out!

We had our second meet yesterday (13 July 2008) from 1800 hrs to 2200 hrs IST at Trivandrum. There was very good participation. Our dear Dr.P. Venugopal (room# 20, chandragiri) took the initiative & effort to organise it in connection with the visit of our dear Dr.N.S.Vidyaasaagaran.

If what I remember is correct, maiden attempt in this direction was by our K. Rajendran a few years back. Unfortunately that effort did not culminate in a get-together. Several reasons may be there for that, but one of them I feel may be that there was no specific occasion pressing for that. Any how better late than never, is it not?